Vorschau auf die Oneirodiarium Website

Datum29. Apr. 2015
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Mein neues Buch ist fast fertig!

Das Oneirodiarium, ein Traumtagebuch für Klarträumer, ermöglich ein strukturiertes notieren, auswerten und deuten deiner Träume. Zu Beginn findet man den “Theorie Teil” (ca. 20 Seiten), der Rest des Buches sind vorformatierte Seiten für deine Träume.

Als kleines Sneak Peek gibt es eine Vorschau auf die kommende Website des Oneirodiariums:


Spätestens am 10. Mai wird das Oneirodiarium erhältlich sein.
Wenn es so weit ist, gebe ich natürlich bescheid :)

Viele Grüße und klare Träume
Simon Rausch

Anamnesis - Interview with the creators

Datum29. Apr. 2015
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Mit Freude darf ich euch mein Inteview mit den Machern der Klartraumserie Anamnesis präsentieren:

Please introduce yourself and your company.
Alex Calleros and Michael Tucker co-wrote and co-directed Anamnesis. We founded an independent film production company, Finite Films, in 2011 with our friend and frequent collaborator, Ryan McDuffie.


Is making Films your fulltime job?
We’re trying to make that a reality—filmmaking as our full-time job. All three of us have worked professionally as editors, but we’re directors at heart and want to devote the rest of our lives to making films. We recently rebranded and relaunched our company website this year to reflect that we’re serious about moving into independent feature filmmaking and all that entails.


Are there Lucid Dreamers in your team?
Both of us experienced lucid dreams while researching and writing Anamnesis. Those experiences, along with research and testimonials from others, heavily influenced the series.


Our good friend Gary Ruiz is a long-time lucid dreamer, and interviewing him was invaluable when coming up with ideas for the show. His description of a “pendulum-like” sensation as he fell asleep, entering a lucid dream, inspired the sound design for the scene in Episode 03 where Sean has a W.I.L.D.


Tell us your favorite dream and / or lucid dream!
My first really full-on lucid dream happened one morning when I had woken up too early and was falling back asleep. I retained awareness as I felt my body grow heavy with sleep paralysis, and then with a pretty startling intensity I launched out of my bed. It actually felt like my body had shot up to the ceiling of my bedroom, where I hovered for a moment before entering some kind of portal. Long story short, I ended up in a swimming pool in the backyard of my childhood home in Arizona. It was remarkable because I had no problem breathing underwater; and the vividness of the colors I was able to see was like nothing I’d experienced before. There was a reddish dust storm going on above the surface, and raindrops making infinite ripples in the water. I was so overwhelmed with the beauty of it all that I woke up. It’s definitely an experience I’ll never forget. —Alex


I recently had a very bizarre dream where I was told that I had a very important task to do. Then suddenly I was chasing some kind of small creature down a never-ending flight of metal stairs. Down and down to a dark sewer where this creature was going to kill itself in a huge burning fire. I couldn’t stop it, and it jumped into the fire, but at that moment I realized it HAD to kill itself for it’s genes to pass on to the next generation. Somehow. I passed out, and awoke several days later in a garden in a hotel, where I was led to a big yellow-orange flower that was crawling with flies. And that’s when I realized I was actually Katy Perry, and suddenly I was overcome with a feeling of pure awe. Like I had literally solved the meaning of life. And then I was on a raising platform coming through the bottom of a stage at a huge concert and began singing “Firework.” It was absolutely the weirdest dream I remember having. —Michael


Do you think lucid dreams have a future on the big screen?
I certainly hope so! I’m honestly surprised Inception hasn’t inspired any copycats since that film was so successful. If not on the big screen, I do think the issues that are raised by lucid dreaming (consciousness, the nature of reality, psychology, mindfulness) are all very hot topics in the 21st Century and I think interest will only grow as time goes on. —Alex


Similarly to Alex, I think the ideas and philosophy behind lucid dreaming are really fascinating and are alrighty being tangentially explored in certain ways. Specifically, there have been a lot of films recently dealing with artificial intelligence that ask the question “what is consciousness?” Which is a fascinating topic that we both get excited about, and I think that in an effort to explore that question in new ways it’s only a matter of time before we see more dream-oriented stories. —Michael


Where came the Idea for Anamnesis the Webseries from?
Back in 2012, Finite Films released a short film called Anamnesis, which got the attention of producer Jeremy Norris (www.FilmSkillet.com). He approached us and asked if we could expand the short film into a web series. The short takes place entirely in the dream world, and raised an interesting question for us: what if the characters we met in the short film (Adam and Hannah) were somehow sharing the same dream? That became our starting point for the series.


Are there any big / interesting scenes / ideas that didn’t make it into the series?
The very first scene of Episode 01 was actually cut from the show in the editing process. It’s supposed to be our first introduction to the two main characters Sean and Hannah, and ties the series even more directly to the events of the short film prologue. However, after seeing the whole show cut together, we realized this opening revealed too much too soon and decided to cut it. We’re definitely going to include it as a special feature if we do a DVD/Blu-Ray release of the show, as it’s an interesting piece of the puzzle fans may enjoy.


How big was the budget you had to work with?
For what we produced (70 minutes of high-production-value content), we had an extremely small budget of $30,000. Many members of the cast and crew were volunteering their time, which meant we had to work around everyone’s work schedules and all took a hit financially producing the show.


What did the actors know about lucid dreaming? Are some of them Lucid Dreamers?
Brad C. Wilcox, who plays Noah, had frequent lucid dreams for a period of his life. In fact, they had gotten so constant that he had to “cut back,” as he wasn’t feeling properly rested in the morning.


Zach Brown plays Sean, the show’s expert lucid dreamer. To prepare for the role, Zach researched lucid dreaming and practiced it in his daily life. He would actually draw the letter “A” on his hand, as Sean does in the show, as a reminder to ask himself, “Am I awake?” He told us about a lucid dream he had in which Whoopi Goldberg was his dream guide. It sounded pretty awesome.


Will there be more Episodes of Anamnesis?
We’re taking a wait-and-see approach right now. One thing we learned making the first season is that the story we want to tell is very ambitious for a web series, and future episodes are going to require a much higher budget. In order to fund a second season, we’re going to need a large viewer base that can prove the show is worth investing in (and who would be willing to chip in themselves if we did a crowdfunding campaign). Right now we’ve got a great core of enthusiastic supporters, but we’ll need to expand that base in order to make a second season possible.


So, if you’d like to see more episodes, spread the word about Anamnesis! And please feel free to reach out to us at info@finite-films.com if you know of any online communities that would be interested in the series.


Is a Blu-Ray / DVD Release planned?
We are currently working on figuring out the best way to make a Blu-Ray / DVD / Digital Download release of Anamnesis available. We’ve got some special features we’d like package with it, including new behind the scenes and an audio commentary track.


Money doesn’t matter, what would be your “dream project”?
A massive spacecraft carrying the last survivors of the human species is getting close to arriving at their new home on a new planet when a massive accident occurs and they have to struggle to save the mission and humanity. Essentially Titanic in space. Alternatively, I’d love nothing more than to direct a Star Wars movie. —Michael

If money was really no object, my pie-in-the-sky dream project would be adapting Bioware’s video game series Mass Effect into a truly great film series. The sci-fi universe of the Mass Effect games is one of the most well-thought out and compelling I’ve experienced; it’s right up there with Star Trek and Star Wars. The characters are fantastic, the themes are intelligent and profound, and it’s just such a fun world to be in. It would be a massive (and expensive) feat to make a film worthy of the Mass Effect title, but if money was no object, I’d love to give it a shot. —Alex

In all honesty, the more immediate dream project would be telling the story of
Anamnesis with a much more massive scope. Some of the ideas we have for the future of the show get pretty crazy, and it would be really fun if suddenly money was no object and we could fully realize those ideas.

Lucid World - Der Klartraumautor Charlie Morley im Interview

Datum23. Apr. 2015
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In der Blogreihe Lucid World möchte ich ein wenig über den Deutschen Tellerrand schauen und interviewe internationale Lucid Dreaming Stars. Ein Teil der Fragen zielt darauf ab, wie sie die Deutsche Klartraumcommunity sehen.


Im ersten Teil konnte ich dem Buchautor Charlie Morley einige Fragen stellen. Der Klartraumautor hat ein paar spannende Bücher übers Klarträumen veröffentlicht und leitet Seminare zu diesem Thema.


Would you be so kind and introduce yourself?

My name’s Charlie and I teach something called Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep. This is a holistic approach to lucid dreaming within the context of mindfulness meditation and Tibetan Buddhism. I spend my time traveling the world running workshops and retreats and giving talks based on my books Dreams of Awakening which was published by Hay house in 2013 and my second book Lucid Dreaming: A Beginners Guide which came out in early 2015.


First of all: What was your last dream you remember, please be honest.

Honestly, it was a non-lucid dream from last night in which I was receiving teachings related to a certain Tibetan Buddhist text by an 8th century teacher called Padmasambhava . In the dream I was being told when to have the empowerment for this and some other stuff about the teaching too. I was reading a book about this text before bed so it probably just seeped in.


Lets start with a standard question. Tell us how you discovered lucid dreaming

I started having spontaneous lucid dreams from the age of about seven. I should say, though, that this wasn’t because I was some sort of lucid dreaming prodigy – it was actually down to laziness. These childhood lucid dreams were mainly a result of my wetting the bed from within the dream, because I couldn’t be bothered to wake up and use the toilet! I remember the feeling of a full bladder seeping into the dream and making me become fully lucid. Then, from within the dream, I would think to myself: I really don’t want to get out of bed to pee. Maybe I’ll just do it while I’m still in the dream?

Anyway, eventually I stopped peeing in bed but was still interested in lucid dreaming when I was 11 because for my 12th birthday I wanted a Nova Dreamer sleep mask and my dad remembers thinking that it was far too much money for a birthday present!


What was your favourite lucid dream?

Favourite lucid dream ever? That’s a tricky one man. I know what the most powerful lucid dream I ever had was so I guess that is probably my favourite. It happened last year and involved a dream plan that took me 3 years to complete. It was about experiencing the pure realms of Dewachen. For non-Buddhists you can think of as a kind of “heavenly realm” concept found within Tibetan Buddhism. Anyway, after a few attempts I finally experienced it and it changed my life.


Whats your favourite lucid dreaming technique?

Probably one of the WILD techniques because it’s quite challenging, its drops you into the dream at the very beginning (which offers maximum time in the lucid dream) and when you actually watch a the three dimensional reality of the dream being formed out of your hypnagogic imagery and are able to enter into it without any blackout, it’s just so much fun!


In retrospective, what was your greatest mistake in the process of learning lucid dreaming, what would you approach differently if you could go back

Probably wasting the first 2 years of intentional practice on sex. There is nothing wrong with sex in lucid dreams of course but from the age of 16 (when I first taught myself to lucid dream intentionally) to 18 sex is literally all I used my lucid dreams for! But it did give me a good grounding in the practice anyway so that when I started using lucid dreaming for psychological and spiritual growth at least I knew how to become lucid quite well!


Your new book is out, what’s it about?

charlie_morley_lucid_dreaming_book.jpgWhereas Dreams of Awakening was quite an in depth exploration of lucid dreaming within the context of Tibetan Buddhism and Mindfulness mediation this new book is very different, it’s a real beginners guide which teaches you how to lucid dream without all the Buddhist stuff. Its got everything you need to learn how dream lucidly: cutting edge research into the psychological benefits of lucid dreaming. some really amazing, real-life case studies, exclusive contributions from the world’s leading lucid dreaming experts and learning modules exploring creativity, nightmares, healing and lucid living.


What do you like best of your new book?

Probably the case studies. My first book Dreams of Awakening was very personal book which contained my own dreams to elucidate the techniques but this new book uses the real life case studies of people who I have taught and who have had life changing lucid dreams. One woman used her lucid dream to change her career, another used it to meet her dead father and one guy even used to treat his kidney disease!

Will there be a German Translation?

Yes the German translation is available from October 2015. It’s not listed on www.amazon.de yet but will be available for pre-order soon.


Charlies erstes Buch Dreams of Awakening, der Vergänger von Lucid Dreaming: A Beginners Guide

What do you think know about the german lucid dreaming community, or, what do you wanna know?

I am friends with Alice Grinda and Thomas Hasenberger who seem to be doing great work in Germany around teaching lucid dreaming and also the research team at Heidelberg University including Daniel Erlacher and my friend Melanie Schädlich. I was part of one of their studies into martial arts practice in lucid dreaming and I have used their research in both my books. It seems like Germany is at the forefront of the scientific research into lucid dreaming.

And what do I want to know about the German lucid dreaming community? I guess I want to know if you guys want me to come and do a workshop some time? I would love to come!


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Yes this is a job interview ;) 

In ten years? Wow. I don’t know man, I try not to plan to far ahead, sometimes it gets in the way of being in the present moment! But I guess I will have a family, I will have another couple of books out and I will have started teaching the Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep approach to other teachers so that I can spend less time travelling and teaching and more time really living this wonderful dream of a life!



How do you think lucid dreaming will be acknowledged in 10 years?

I think it will have become part of mainstream psychotherapy . It will be used within the transpersonal psychology field as one of the many tools the therapist can offer their client to help engage the healing and integration process. Within 10 years we will also be able to download and watch animated films of our dreams each morning instead of having to remember them. The research from the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in  Kyoto last year planted the seed for this to happen so its simply a matter of time.


What are your upcoming projects? Any exclusive insider information?

I have a really great online course that I am launching next month which is going to set a whole new standard for online lucid dream courses. The website is www.awakeacademy.org and we have filmed over 6 hours of exclusive broadcast quality footage as well as bespoke animations and exercises which are going to set a new standard of quality, I hope! Also I have loads of workshops happening all around the world this year, all the details can be found here: www.charliemorley.com/events/


Der verlorene Klartraum - Die Rettung von #174

Datum21. Apr. 2015
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Nr. 174 ist tot…

Mein 174 Klartraum ist verloren gegangen. Auf dem Handy gespeichert und leider überschrieben worden. Unachtsam gelöscht, Schande über mich! Es schmerzt sehr… Der KT liegt bereits 2 Monate zurück und ich kann mich einfach nicht erinnern…

Aber ich mache aus dem Unglück etwas Positives: Im nächsten Klartraum werde ich die Erinnerung an #174 zurück holen! 

Irgendwo in meinen Gehirnwindungen lebt #174 weiter und ich werde die Rettungsmission erfolgreich durchführen!

Wünscht mir Glück!

Die Fotos der Shirt-Gewinner

Datum18. Apr. 2015
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Im März dieses Jahres durften drei glückliche Gewinner mit einem Oneironauten Shirt nach Hause gehen :)

Der Contest hat richtig Spass gemacht, es sind viele coole Fotos entstanden. So etwas wird es sicher bald wieder geben :) Hier möchte ich euch noch die stolzen Gewinner mit ihren Shirts präsentieren:








Danke an alle, die mitgemacht haben. Genau durch solch kreatives Communityfeedback merke ich immer wieder, wie super ihr alle seid und warum ich das KT-Forum nach fast 4 Jahren immer noch gerne betreibe :)


Anamnesis - Miniserie / Kurzfilm ALLE EPISODEN + ALLE MAKING OFs + POSTER

Datum14. Apr. 2015
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Am 12 April 2015, dem Lucid Dreaming Day, hat Finite Films ihre Klartraum Miniserie “Anamnesis” auf Youtube veröffentlicht. Die Serie ist grandios und stellt, meiner Meinung nach wie noch niemand zuvor, Klarträume perfekt in Filmform dar. Noch bei keinem Film / Kurzfilm habe ich das Thema passender verarbeitet gesehen. Oft wirkt alles konstruiert, das Thema der Klarträume wirkt irgendwie unpassend. Nicht so bei Anamnesis.

Die Serie basiert auf einem Kurzfilm. Finite Films lässt sich auf ihrem Youtube Kanal von Usern Themen / Inhalte vorgeben und bastelt daraus Kurzfilme. Anamnesis basiert auf folgenden Anregungen der User:

  • One character must use refrigerator poetry magnets to leave a note/message for another character.

  • One scene must take place in a women’s bathroom — the male lead must be having a discussion with a female character.

  • Someone has just revisited their worst memory from middle school.

  • At least three characters must be related.

  • One character loves taking blame for others’ mistakes.

  • The dialogue from one scene must be exactly the same in one scene as it is in another, yet the tone of both scenes must be different.

  • The film must have one 2-minute-long shot.


1. Hier der Kurzfilm, auf dem die Serie basiert:

Alle Vorgaben gibt es hier nochmal in Videoform:



2. Production Diary Anamnesis Kurzfilm

Anamnesis Kurzfilm Production Diary Music

Anamnesis Kurzfilm Production Diary 39



3. Hier die 5 teilige Serie

Playlist mit allen 5 Teilen der Serie

Anamnesis Serie Episode 1

Anamnesis Serie Episode 2

Anamnesis Serie Episode 3

Anamnesis Serie Episode 4

Anamnesis Serie Episode 5



4.Anamnesis The Series - Behind the Scenes

Playlist mit allen 5 Behind the Scenes Teilen

Anamnesis The Series - Production Diary 01

Anamnesis The Series - Production Diary 02

Anamnesis The Series - Production Diary 03

Anamnesis The Series - Production Diary 04

Anamnesis The Series - Production Diary 05


Anamnesis The Series - Vorstellung der Charaktere


Episode 1 (mit Kommentar der Macher)

Video Link


Episode 2 (mit Kommentar der Macher)

Video Link


Episode 3 (mit Kommentar der Macher)

Video Link


Episode 4 (mit Kommentar der Macher)

Video Link


Episode 5 (mit Kommentar der Macher)

Video Link


Deleted Scenes (mit Kommentar der Macher)

Video Link


Behind the Scenes (mit Kommentar der Macher)

Video Link


VFX of Anamnesis (mit Kommentar der Macher)

Video Link


Music of Anamnesis (mit Kommentar der Macher)

Video Link


Offizielles Poster HQ [8.35 Mb] (270 x heruntergeladen)
Offizielles Poster LQ [1.71 Mb] (235 x heruntergeladen)


Happy Lucid Dreaming Day + Gewinnspiel

Datum12. Apr. 2015
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Ich wünsch euch nen klaren Lucid Dreaming Day!

Heute vor 40 Jahren bewies Keith Hearne, das es Klarträume wirklich gibt!
Zur Feier des Tages verlose ich ein Klartraumbuch, NEU:


Kommentiert diesen Beitrag, der Gewinner wird ausgelost. Jeder kann mitmachen, also teilt diesen Beitrag auf Facebook, Twitter etc.

Nur ein Kommentar pro Teilnehmer! Vergesst nicht, das E-Mail Feld zu befüllen. Der Gewinner wird per Mail zwecks Adresse kontaktiert.

Happy Lucid Dreaming Day und viel Glück! Der Gewinner wird am Mi den 15.4.2015 ausgelost!

Sneak Peek zum neuen Buch: Oneirodiarium

Datum 9. Apr. 2015
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Mein neues Buch wird ein Traumtagebuch für Klarträumer. Am Anfang findet man Infos zur verbesserung der Traumerinnerung, eine Anleitung zum richtigen Deuten seiner Träume und zum richtigen führen eines Traumtagebuches.

Danach folgen vorformatierte Traumtagebuchseiten. Das Traumtagebuch ist speziell auf Klarträumer ausgerichtet, aber auch nicht-Klarträumer können darin ihre Träume notieren

Der Titel lautet:


Das Traumtagebuch für Klarträumer

Träume strukturiert notieren, auswerten und deuten.



Hier noch ein Sneak Peek auf das Cover, welches noch nicht fertig ist:


Weitere Infos:

  • 240 Seiten
  • Format: 20.32 x 25.4 cm also fast DinA4
  • Preis: ca. 9,49 Euro
  • inkl. 50 Fakten zu Traum & Schlaf

Alle weiteren Infos folgen noch, bis zur Veröffentlichung ist es nicht mehr sooo lange, ein paar Wochen noch :)

Lu-Kit Indiegogo - 99$ Schlafmaske, Armband, Buch

Datum 6. Apr. 2015
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Ein neues Klartraumprojekt ist am Fundinghorizont erschienen: Lu-Kit

Für 99$ gibt soll es eine REM-erkennende Schlafmaske, ein beim REM-Schlaf piependes Armband mit SmartphoneApp und ein Buch mit neuen Theroien zu Klarträumen geben. Maske und Armband schlagen über die App parallel an, wenn REM-Schlaf erkannt wird.

Klingt fast zu schön um wahr zu sein.


Folgende Fragen habe ich dem / den Macher/n gestellt:


1. Ich konnte kein Impressum entdecken. Über welche

Firma läuft die Entwicklung und verkauf? Da in letzter Zeit

einige Fundingprojekte im Sand vetlaufen sind, wären

ausführliche Kontaktdaten für jeden Käufer eine Sicherheit

2. Wird es die App für Android und ios geben?

3. Vibriert dad Armband auch?

4. Was passiert mit dem gezahlten Geld, wenn die 35.000 $ nicht erreicht werden?

5. Wie viele Seiten hat das Buch, ist dies schon fertig?

6. Von wo wird das Produkt verschickt? Kommrn auf

Deutsche Kunden zusätzliche Zollkosten zu?

7. Kann man per Paypal zahlen?


Ich freue mich auf die Antworten und halte euch auf dem Laufenden :)

Schon ist er rum, der 1. April…

Datum 2. Apr. 2015
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Ein paar hatte es erwischt beim KT-Forum Aprilscherz, mal sehen wen es im nächsten Jahr erwischt :)
Das Wetter spielte uns auch einen Aprilschwerz: Schnee am 1. April, schlimmer kann es wohl nicht kommen…

Bis zum nächsten Jahr :)