Lucid World - Der Klartraumautor Charlie Morley im Interview

Datum23. Apr. 2015
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In der Blogreihe Lucid World möchte ich ein wenig über den Deutschen Tellerrand schauen und interviewe internationale Lucid Dreaming Stars. Ein Teil der Fragen zielt darauf ab, wie sie die Deutsche Klartraumcommunity sehen.


Im ersten Teil konnte ich dem Buchautor Charlie Morley einige Fragen stellen. Der Klartraumautor hat ein paar spannende Bücher übers Klarträumen veröffentlicht und leitet Seminare zu diesem Thema.


Would you be so kind and introduce yourself?

My name’s Charlie and I teach something called Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep. This is a holistic approach to lucid dreaming within the context of mindfulness meditation and Tibetan Buddhism. I spend my time traveling the world running workshops and retreats and giving talks based on my books Dreams of Awakening which was published by Hay house in 2013 and my second book Lucid Dreaming: A Beginners Guide which came out in early 2015.


First of all: What was your last dream you remember, please be honest.

Honestly, it was a non-lucid dream from last night in which I was receiving teachings related to a certain Tibetan Buddhist text by an 8th century teacher called Padmasambhava . In the dream I was being told when to have the empowerment for this and some other stuff about the teaching too. I was reading a book about this text before bed so it probably just seeped in.


Lets start with a standard question. Tell us how you discovered lucid dreaming

I started having spontaneous lucid dreams from the age of about seven. I should say, though, that this wasn’t because I was some sort of lucid dreaming prodigy – it was actually down to laziness. These childhood lucid dreams were mainly a result of my wetting the bed from within the dream, because I couldn’t be bothered to wake up and use the toilet! I remember the feeling of a full bladder seeping into the dream and making me become fully lucid. Then, from within the dream, I would think to myself: I really don’t want to get out of bed to pee. Maybe I’ll just do it while I’m still in the dream?

Anyway, eventually I stopped peeing in bed but was still interested in lucid dreaming when I was 11 because for my 12th birthday I wanted a Nova Dreamer sleep mask and my dad remembers thinking that it was far too much money for a birthday present!


What was your favourite lucid dream?

Favourite lucid dream ever? That’s a tricky one man. I know what the most powerful lucid dream I ever had was so I guess that is probably my favourite. It happened last year and involved a dream plan that took me 3 years to complete. It was about experiencing the pure realms of Dewachen. For non-Buddhists you can think of as a kind of “heavenly realm” concept found within Tibetan Buddhism. Anyway, after a few attempts I finally experienced it and it changed my life.


Whats your favourite lucid dreaming technique?

Probably one of the WILD techniques because it’s quite challenging, its drops you into the dream at the very beginning (which offers maximum time in the lucid dream) and when you actually watch a the three dimensional reality of the dream being formed out of your hypnagogic imagery and are able to enter into it without any blackout, it’s just so much fun!


In retrospective, what was your greatest mistake in the process of learning lucid dreaming, what would you approach differently if you could go back

Probably wasting the first 2 years of intentional practice on sex. There is nothing wrong with sex in lucid dreams of course but from the age of 16 (when I first taught myself to lucid dream intentionally) to 18 sex is literally all I used my lucid dreams for! But it did give me a good grounding in the practice anyway so that when I started using lucid dreaming for psychological and spiritual growth at least I knew how to become lucid quite well!


Your new book is out, what’s it about?

charlie_morley_lucid_dreaming_book.jpgWhereas Dreams of Awakening was quite an in depth exploration of lucid dreaming within the context of Tibetan Buddhism and Mindfulness mediation this new book is very different, it’s a real beginners guide which teaches you how to lucid dream without all the Buddhist stuff. Its got everything you need to learn how dream lucidly: cutting edge research into the psychological benefits of lucid dreaming. some really amazing, real-life case studies, exclusive contributions from the world’s leading lucid dreaming experts and learning modules exploring creativity, nightmares, healing and lucid living.


What do you like best of your new book?

Probably the case studies. My first book Dreams of Awakening was very personal book which contained my own dreams to elucidate the techniques but this new book uses the real life case studies of people who I have taught and who have had life changing lucid dreams. One woman used her lucid dream to change her career, another used it to meet her dead father and one guy even used to treat his kidney disease!

Will there be a German Translation?

Yes the German translation is available from October 2015. It’s not listed on yet but will be available for pre-order soon.


Charlies erstes Buch Dreams of Awakening, der Vergänger von Lucid Dreaming: A Beginners Guide

What do you think know about the german lucid dreaming community, or, what do you wanna know?

I am friends with Alice Grinda and Thomas Hasenberger who seem to be doing great work in Germany around teaching lucid dreaming and also the research team at Heidelberg University including Daniel Erlacher and my friend Melanie Schädlich. I was part of one of their studies into martial arts practice in lucid dreaming and I have used their research in both my books. It seems like Germany is at the forefront of the scientific research into lucid dreaming.

And what do I want to know about the German lucid dreaming community? I guess I want to know if you guys want me to come and do a workshop some time? I would love to come!


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Yes this is a job interview ;) 

In ten years? Wow. I don’t know man, I try not to plan to far ahead, sometimes it gets in the way of being in the present moment! But I guess I will have a family, I will have another couple of books out and I will have started teaching the Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep approach to other teachers so that I can spend less time travelling and teaching and more time really living this wonderful dream of a life!



How do you think lucid dreaming will be acknowledged in 10 years?

I think it will have become part of mainstream psychotherapy . It will be used within the transpersonal psychology field as one of the many tools the therapist can offer their client to help engage the healing and integration process. Within 10 years we will also be able to download and watch animated films of our dreams each morning instead of having to remember them. The research from the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in  Kyoto last year planted the seed for this to happen so its simply a matter of time.


What are your upcoming projects? Any exclusive insider information?

I have a really great online course that I am launching next month which is going to set a whole new standard for online lucid dream courses. The website is and we have filmed over 6 hours of exclusive broadcast quality footage as well as bespoke animations and exercises which are going to set a new standard of quality, I hope! Also I have loads of workshops happening all around the world this year, all the details can be found here:


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    Donnerstag, April 23, 2015 - 13:36:25

    In der Blogreihe Lucid World möchte ich ein wenig über den Deutschen Tellerrand schauen und interviewe internationale Lucid Dreaming Stars.

    Gute Idee :D (y)

    Im ersten Teil konnte ich dem Buchautor Charlie Morley einige Fragen stellen.

    Ich habe noch nie was von Morley oder seinen Werken gehört, aber ich habe auch den Fokus auf deutschsprachiger Literatur :D Er scheint jedenfalls ein sehr offener und freundlicher Mensch zu sein - sehr sympathisch (y)

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    Samstag, April 25, 2015 - 10:48:16

    Also ich finde den Autor sehr sympathisch und seine Ansichten interessant.
    DS. Wirst du dir die Bücher auch noch zu Gemüte führen? :) Denn ich würde vielleicht sein zweites Buch holen.

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    Samstag, April 25, 2015 - 12:31:46

    Ja, werd mir das zweite Buch in Deutsch holen :)