Anamnesis - Interview with the creators

Datum29. Apr. 2015
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Mit Freude darf ich euch mein Inteview mit den Machern der Klartraumserie Anamnesis präsentieren:

Please introduce yourself and your company.
Alex Calleros and Michael Tucker co-wrote and co-directed Anamnesis. We founded an independent film production company, Finite Films, in 2011 with our friend and frequent collaborator, Ryan McDuffie.


Is making Films your fulltime job?
We’re trying to make that a reality—filmmaking as our full-time job. All three of us have worked professionally as editors, but we’re directors at heart and want to devote the rest of our lives to making films. We recently rebranded and relaunched our company website this year to reflect that we’re serious about moving into independent feature filmmaking and all that entails.


Are there Lucid Dreamers in your team?
Both of us experienced lucid dreams while researching and writing Anamnesis. Those experiences, along with research and testimonials from others, heavily influenced the series.


Our good friend Gary Ruiz is a long-time lucid dreamer, and interviewing him was invaluable when coming up with ideas for the show. His description of a “pendulum-like” sensation as he fell asleep, entering a lucid dream, inspired the sound design for the scene in Episode 03 where Sean has a W.I.L.D.


Tell us your favorite dream and / or lucid dream!
My first really full-on lucid dream happened one morning when I had woken up too early and was falling back asleep. I retained awareness as I felt my body grow heavy with sleep paralysis, and then with a pretty startling intensity I launched out of my bed. It actually felt like my body had shot up to the ceiling of my bedroom, where I hovered for a moment before entering some kind of portal. Long story short, I ended up in a swimming pool in the backyard of my childhood home in Arizona. It was remarkable because I had no problem breathing underwater; and the vividness of the colors I was able to see was like nothing I’d experienced before. There was a reddish dust storm going on above the surface, and raindrops making infinite ripples in the water. I was so overwhelmed with the beauty of it all that I woke up. It’s definitely an experience I’ll never forget. —Alex


I recently had a very bizarre dream where I was told that I had a very important task to do. Then suddenly I was chasing some kind of small creature down a never-ending flight of metal stairs. Down and down to a dark sewer where this creature was going to kill itself in a huge burning fire. I couldn’t stop it, and it jumped into the fire, but at that moment I realized it HAD to kill itself for it’s genes to pass on to the next generation. Somehow. I passed out, and awoke several days later in a garden in a hotel, where I was led to a big yellow-orange flower that was crawling with flies. And that’s when I realized I was actually Katy Perry, and suddenly I was overcome with a feeling of pure awe. Like I had literally solved the meaning of life. And then I was on a raising platform coming through the bottom of a stage at a huge concert and began singing “Firework.” It was absolutely the weirdest dream I remember having. —Michael


Do you think lucid dreams have a future on the big screen?
I certainly hope so! I’m honestly surprised Inception hasn’t inspired any copycats since that film was so successful. If not on the big screen, I do think the issues that are raised by lucid dreaming (consciousness, the nature of reality, psychology, mindfulness) are all very hot topics in the 21st Century and I think interest will only grow as time goes on. —Alex


Similarly to Alex, I think the ideas and philosophy behind lucid dreaming are really fascinating and are alrighty being tangentially explored in certain ways. Specifically, there have been a lot of films recently dealing with artificial intelligence that ask the question “what is consciousness?” Which is a fascinating topic that we both get excited about, and I think that in an effort to explore that question in new ways it’s only a matter of time before we see more dream-oriented stories. —Michael


Where came the Idea for Anamnesis the Webseries from?
Back in 2012, Finite Films released a short film called Anamnesis, which got the attention of producer Jeremy Norris ( He approached us and asked if we could expand the short film into a web series. The short takes place entirely in the dream world, and raised an interesting question for us: what if the characters we met in the short film (Adam and Hannah) were somehow sharing the same dream? That became our starting point for the series.


Are there any big / interesting scenes / ideas that didn’t make it into the series?
The very first scene of Episode 01 was actually cut from the show in the editing process. It’s supposed to be our first introduction to the two main characters Sean and Hannah, and ties the series even more directly to the events of the short film prologue. However, after seeing the whole show cut together, we realized this opening revealed too much too soon and decided to cut it. We’re definitely going to include it as a special feature if we do a DVD/Blu-Ray release of the show, as it’s an interesting piece of the puzzle fans may enjoy.


How big was the budget you had to work with?
For what we produced (70 minutes of high-production-value content), we had an extremely small budget of $30,000. Many members of the cast and crew were volunteering their time, which meant we had to work around everyone’s work schedules and all took a hit financially producing the show.


What did the actors know about lucid dreaming? Are some of them Lucid Dreamers?
Brad C. Wilcox, who plays Noah, had frequent lucid dreams for a period of his life. In fact, they had gotten so constant that he had to “cut back,” as he wasn’t feeling properly rested in the morning.


Zach Brown plays Sean, the show’s expert lucid dreamer. To prepare for the role, Zach researched lucid dreaming and practiced it in his daily life. He would actually draw the letter “A” on his hand, as Sean does in the show, as a reminder to ask himself, “Am I awake?” He told us about a lucid dream he had in which Whoopi Goldberg was his dream guide. It sounded pretty awesome.


Will there be more Episodes of Anamnesis?
We’re taking a wait-and-see approach right now. One thing we learned making the first season is that the story we want to tell is very ambitious for a web series, and future episodes are going to require a much higher budget. In order to fund a second season, we’re going to need a large viewer base that can prove the show is worth investing in (and who would be willing to chip in themselves if we did a crowdfunding campaign). Right now we’ve got a great core of enthusiastic supporters, but we’ll need to expand that base in order to make a second season possible.


So, if you’d like to see more episodes, spread the word about Anamnesis! And please feel free to reach out to us at if you know of any online communities that would be interested in the series.


Is a Blu-Ray / DVD Release planned?
We are currently working on figuring out the best way to make a Blu-Ray / DVD / Digital Download release of Anamnesis available. We’ve got some special features we’d like package with it, including new behind the scenes and an audio commentary track.


Money doesn’t matter, what would be your “dream project”?
A massive spacecraft carrying the last survivors of the human species is getting close to arriving at their new home on a new planet when a massive accident occurs and they have to struggle to save the mission and humanity. Essentially Titanic in space. Alternatively, I’d love nothing more than to direct a Star Wars movie. —Michael

If money was really no object, my pie-in-the-sky dream project would be adapting Bioware’s video game series Mass Effect into a truly great film series. The sci-fi universe of the Mass Effect games is one of the most well-thought out and compelling I’ve experienced; it’s right up there with Star Trek and Star Wars. The characters are fantastic, the themes are intelligent and profound, and it’s just such a fun world to be in. It would be a massive (and expensive) feat to make a film worthy of the Mass Effect title, but if money was no object, I’d love to give it a shot. —Alex

In all honesty, the more immediate dream project would be telling the story of
Anamnesis with a much more massive scope. Some of the ideas we have for the future of the show get pretty crazy, and it would be really fun if suddenly money was no object and we could fully realize those ideas.
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