Lucid Dreamer - Interview mit den Machern [Englisch]

Datum22. Sep. 2016
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Vor ein paar Wochen bin ich über Facebook auf den Lucid Dreamer gestoßen, ein Gerät das über tACS (leichte, nicht spürbare Stromstöße) das die Gehirnwellen in den Alpha-Zustand bringen sollen. Dies soll Klarträume auslösen.

Im Folgenden findet ihr mein Interview mit André Keizer:




Dear Mr Keizer please Introduce yourself and your Company.
My name is André Keizer and I am the cofounder of Neuromodulation Technologies. Together with Derk Mulder I am developing the Lucid Dreamer: An effective and reliable way to directly induce lucid dreams. I have a background in research on and clinical application of different forms of neuromodulation techniques (e.g. rTMS, Neurofeedback and CES).


Whats the last dream you remember?
I was walking on the beach together with a friend who suddenly turns to me and says: ‘Do you know you are dreaming?” We stopped walking and looked at each other smiling. We then talked about future plans and watched the sunset.


Are you a lucid dreamer? What was your best lucid dream?
Yes, I experience lucid dreams regularly. I would say I still enjoy lucid dreams in which I have superhuman powers, such as the ability to fly, teleport, walk through walls etc. However, I must say that conversations with other dream characters have been the most interesting in terms of exploring my subconscious mind.


What is the Lucid Dreamer and how does it work?
The Lucid Dreamer induces lucid dreams using mild electrical stimulation (transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation; tACS). It uses advanced algorithms that detect when you start dreaming. These algorithms use the electrical signals from the brain, which are measured with EEG (electroencephalogram). When the onset of a dream is detected, tACS is applied to induce a lucid dream.


Are there any risks using the Lucid Dreamer?
It is important to note that the Lucid Dreamer does not use electroshock therapy. The electrical currents that are used by the Lucid Dreamer are actually 2000 times smaller than those used in electroshock therapy. The device applies transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) to the front of the brain. TACS is a completely safe method of stimulating beta and gamma-band frequencies in the brain to induce awareness within a dream.
The Lucid Dreamer uses a relatively low intensity of stimulation for relatively short durations, compared with the intensities and durations that are used in published scientific studies. In order to keep the electrical current at a constant level, the voltage is varied, depending on the constantly measured impedance level. If the impedance exceeds 10 kΩ, stimulation is automatically terminated. Finally, the duration of stimulation is limited to 5 continuous minutes and a total of 20 minutes per night. All these parameters fall well below the common safety limits of electrical stimulation of the brain. The first scientific study that used tACS was published in 2006. Since then, countless studies have been published using this technique, including ones assessing the possible adverse effects resulting from tACS. It can be concluded from these studies that tACS is very safe and apart from tingling sensations on the skin at relatively high intensities, it does not lead to side effects that can be qualified as ‘serious adverse effects’.


What will the Lucid Dreamer cost?
The Lucid Dreamer comes in three versions: Essential, Pro and Connect. The Kickstarter Early Bird offers are E297,- E417,- and E497,- respectively. The regular prices will be € 495, € 695 and € 895.


There are some other companies selling similar devices, how does the Lucid Dreamer stand out?
There are many devices on the market that use flickering LED lights to induce lucid dreaming. However, research has shown that this technique is rather ineffective. There are currently two other devices that use tACS to induce lucid dreaming. The Lucid Dreamer distinguishes itself by applying sophisticated algorithms to detect the onset of a dream based on EEG; a measure of brain activity. Furthermore, other devices use headbands, which are known to be uncomfortable and can shift or fall off during the night. Also, it’s hard to keep these headbands clean. The Lucid Dreamer uses sticky, disposable electrodes, with which the device can be attached to the head. This insures comfortable wearing and reliable dream detection and stimulation.


Why did you choose Crowdfunding to fund the Lucid Dreamer?
Crowdfunding is a great way for innovative, ‘disruptive’ technology such as the Lucid Dreamer to get funding. People that choose to be involved in crowdfunding are usually very interested in novel technologies. That’s why crowdfunding is not only interesting to get funds, but also to connect with a community of future users that can give valuable feedback during the development phase of the Lucid Dreamer.


When will the Lucid Dreamer be ready to ship?
We expect to start shipping the Lucid Dreamer in April 2017


Have you any other lucid dreaming related projects planned?
We envision the Lucid Dreamer can be seen as a tool with which a lot of interesting lucid dreaming research can be done. In the Lucid Dreamer app, users can design their own stimulation protocols, which they can share in an online community. Other users can then download these protocols and share their experiences. This way, the most effective or interesting protocols will surface. We have dubbed this approach ‘crowd science’: A new way to explore the secrets of effective lucid dream induction.

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Was haltet ihr vom Lucid Dreamer? Ich bin schon sehr gespannt, wie es mit dem Gerät weiter geht und hoffe, dass es im April 2017 los geht :)

  1. Avatar for WarpedPenny


    Freitag, September 23, 2016 - 16:13:52

    Hört sich echt interessant an :)
    Aber wenn es preislich bei 500 € losgeht… Dann bleib ich doch lieber bei den Methoden, die ich hier im Forum und in Büchern gelernt habe ;)

  2. Avatar for Soulfly80


    Montag, September 26, 2016 - 14:12:21

    Wenn er effizient funktioniert und kein Hilfsmittel a la placebo ist, dann würde ich sogar 900 Eier hinknallen, weil es mir für das Hobby was wert ist und die sich die Gage dann definitiv verdient haben.

  3. Avatar for Atze


    Mittwoch, September 28, 2016 - 14:50:09

    Gutes Interview, das ganze ist glaubwürdig genug, hab mal die Pro-Version gebacked. 900€ sind mir zuviel, 433€ sind korrekt und den Namen wert.

  4. Avatar for Madeline


    Montag, Oktober 24, 2016 - 19:33:33

    Das ist ja mal sau Interessant! Habe davor noch nie gehört. Gutes Interview aber das Teil ist natürlich viel viel viel zu teuer!!
    Liebe Grüße von Madeline :P